Traditional Oval Clay Baker

Traditional Oval Clay Baker

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Oval clay baker with traditional handpainted white designs. Use for making a variety of foods slow cooked in the oven. Clay preparation instruction card included with each purchase. 

Made in Portugal. 
Small Size: 13"L x7.5"Wx3"H.

Medium Size: 14"L x8.5"Wx3"H.

Large Size: 15.5"L x9.5"Wx3"H.

Clay pieces can be sensitive, to ensure a longer life make sure that each piece is hand washed (placing in the dishwasher is not recommended). Also, the clay is sensitive to extreme changes in temperature (do not place in an already hot oven or on a cold surface). 
Clay bakeware is popular because the clay enhances the flavour of the food. It is widely recognized throughout the world as a fundamental tool when cooking Portuguese cuisine. Enjoy!