De-Salted Bone-in Codfish Loins (Bacalhau) 2kg Frozen *PICK UP ONLY*
De-Salted Bone-in Codfish Loins (Bacalhau) 2kg Frozen *PICK UP ONLY*

De-Salted Bone-in Codfish Loins (Bacalhau) 2kg Frozen *PICK UP ONLY*

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Unit price  per desalted cod (also known as Bacalhau in Portuguese) for customers who want to enjoy the traditional cod they have enjoyed all their lives but do not want to have to desalt it.

No need for prepping the codfish loins! Just thaw and cook. These deep-frozen desalted Codfish is made from genuine Norwegian fresh Codfish that is sustainably fished and then cured the old-fashioned way for 9 months in Mediterranean Sea salt. The desalting process combines traditional methods with the strictest controls and the help of modern technology.

In order to desalt the cod using the traditional desalting process, the selected pieces are carefully placed in tubs with refrigerated water in a room at a very low temperature. The number of times the water is changed and the length of time the cod is kept in the water will depend on the size of the pieces and the type of cod that we want to obtain. After the desalting has been completed, the cod for the desalted chilled product range is packaged in a protective atmosphere while the cod for the deep-frozen desalted product range is deep-frozen in a modern freezing tunnel using liquid nitrogen.

We select only the best part of the Cod Loin for the best cooking results.

This box contains 2 KG – 4.4 lb – 70.5 oz of Deep-Frozen | Simple Codfish Loins (Bone-In), ready to thaw and cook and can be used in various recipes.

The Codfish is fished in Norway by Portuguese fishermen and is cured and desalted in Portugal by traditional ways.