Antiga Black Clay - Oval Baker with Handles

Antiga Black Clay - Oval Baker with Handles

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Clay bakers can be used for cooking, baking, serving or as a decorative item. This piece can be used in an oven, gas stove, wood burning oven or wood burning stove. If using on direct flame, be sure to keep the flame the same size or bigger than the piece.
The Antiga Collection is 100% natural earthenware made from “barro negro” (black clay). The unique black clay can maintain the temperature of food or liquids, either hot or cold, for a long period.
Terracotta (clay) is traditionally a reddish/brown earthenware that is kiln fired. The distinct black colour of this collection is a result of the kiln cooking process that removes oxygen, alongside the type of porous clay used.
In order to make this clay piece oven safe it must be fully submerged in water for a full 24 hours. This procedure only needs to be done one time before its first use. This clay piece is sensitive to extreme changes of temperatures. Care instructions included. This piece is handmade slight imperfections may occur add authenticity and charm. Hand wash only.

Made in Portugal.

Mini Size: 10.4x6x2.4in (26x15x6cm)
X-Small Size: 12.8x7.2x2.4in (32x18x6cm)
Small Size: 16x9.2x3.4in (40x23x8.5cm)
Medium Size: 17.6x11.2x3.2in (44x28x8cm)
Large Size: 20.4x13.6x3.6in (51x34x9cm).

Note: Handmade, actual dimensions may vary.